Why is Creativity Important in Education?

Creativity is an absolute necessity but so few students actually take the initiative or time to develop vital creative skills that would benefit them later on in life in the form of critical problem solving skills. Instead our current education system focuses primarily on memorizing and regurgitating massive amounts of information. It’s a waste of time to be honest when fact regurgitating robots are not what the employers really want.


Learning Resources

W3 has every coding language on a nice little sidebar. They’re a great source for learning or even just quick referencing.

Net Tuts+
I use the other sections for graphic design; I would hope all of their web tutorials are just as good. Glancing through the tutorials look pretty good though I have yet to test drive any of them myself.

WP Tuts+
Just noticed this one existed! It’s looks fairly new with 64 tutorials in total but should prove to be a useful resource none the less. They will more than likely be adding more tutorials as time goes on.